Our first week in business!

Although it hasn’t been a full week, I wanted to come on here and say.. WOW! The support we have received this week has me crying happy tears as I type this. 
Not only was I surprised about the orders on the first day; I was surprised how the orders have been continuous. The reviews coming in have been a great reminder on why I chose to do play-dough kits. The smiles on the kids faces. The smiles on the adults who gifted them. And the sense of pure joy when they got to smell each kit. Our top review was the following: 

“The scent was amazing!! The play-dough was soft and easy to mold. There’s nothing we would suggest changing.”

With every business, comes growth and changes as they go. I know our kits aren’t perfect yet, but with your help and reviews I believe we can get it there. Here at Fun by the Bay, we welcome constructive criticism and ideas on new kits. Please message us on Instagram, Facebook or the website if you have suggestions on changes or kits. We want to hear from you and for you to come along side us on this journey. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

To wrap up this blog, I wanted to say one last thing… The first week ends this Saturday… But there is also something super exciting coming Saturday… Stay tuned. 👀

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