Is it taste safe?

Yes. While it is taste safe, that does not mean it’ll taste good. We don’t recommend eating it, but if a little one sneaks a bite they’ll be okay.


Please do not let dogs ingest if possible. There is a bit of cream of Tartar in the product, and can be toxic to dogs.

Is it gluten free?

No. It has flour in it. We will be working on finding a solution to this soon! 

What are the ingredients?



Flour. Salt. Water. Cream of tartar. Our non toxic scents. Vegetable oil. 

How long does the play-dough last?

Up to 6 months. The dough does best when stored in the fridge after play. 
If kept out, I would expect it to last 3 months. 

Do you ship?

We do! There are additional shipping fees that apply. Those fee options will be viewable at checkout.