Up & Running!

Hi All! 

Welcome to Fun by the Bay! 
We are so excited to be part of the sensory and play community.

When we began coming up with ideas for Fun by the Bay, so many ideas flooded our minds. What colors? Should it be scented? No scent? 
After loads of brainstorming, we realized when it comes to kid toys, we aren’t the experts. But you know who would be? Our daughter, Adalynn. 

Of course coloring and crafting are her favorite things besides Bluey and Fancy Nancy. Coloring has never been up my alley but I sure do love crafting and creating. Adalynn pulled out a bag of old play-dough and began making little figures with shapes and cookie cutters. 

I mean, what toddler doesn’t love playing with some kind of dough. Whether it be slime, play-dough, clay, fluff, etc. In our house, slime has been banned… mostly due to not being able to get it out or off of things in our house. So play-dough is our only creative output besides coloring. 

That is when it hit me. Play dough. I could make play- dough for sensory play! But I’ve always had a hard time accepting that play-dough was sold separately than the toys. And why are there never cute play-dough kits for kids? I don’t mind red and yellow play-dough. But the smell is always interesting. It dries out so quick. And never stayed together long enough to not make a mess on my floor. 
As cheesy as it sounds, the idea was I could provide my daughter with better play-dough and themed kits that would keep her busier and more interested.  Adalynn enjoys certain colors, shows, songs, seasons, etc. So, why not make kits to reflect her favorite. Why not make kits to reflect holidays and seasons?

That is where Fun by the Bay began. Sensory bins were the #1 topic of my early education play discussions. A way to keep them interested. A way to have fun while also semi clean. Switch out the bins, switch out the kits. 

If there is ever a thing we can all agree with, it would be that kids love to play. Play inside. Play outside. Play with toys. Play with things that aren’t toys. Play with their hands. Their food. Their friends. Play alone. The list goes on. 

These kits can be done with all the above. 
So thank you for taking the time to support sensory play, as well as our small local business. 

Here’s to more play, and less stress. ❤️

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